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External Wall Insulation

provides external wall with insulation in an integrated, waterproofed composite system. Because external walls are areas where the house heat loss is reaching up to 35% of the overall, if they are properly insulated, this is one of the most effective measures. Read more


SEAI Grants - Better Energy Homes Scheme

For any homeowners who are interested in improving the energy efficiency of their home in order to reduce energy use and costs as well as greenhouse gas emissions the recently launched Government grants are now available. More about Better Energy Homes Scheme grants...


Dry-lining wall insulation

Internal wall insulation (commonly referred to as 'dry-lining') involves fixing insulation to the inner surfaces of your external walls and covering it with a vapour barrier layer and plasterboard or, alternatively, composite boards of plasterboard backed with insulation and incorporating a vapour barrier. More about dry-lining internal wall insulation...


House Insulation FAQ

Most people in Ireland have lot of questions about house insulation because this is relatively new subject in the country. To explain this matter in the clearest way possible we have collected most of the answers on our House/Home Insulation FAQ page.


Attic/roof insulation

Up to 30% of the heat produced in your home may be escaping through your roof if it is un-insulated. Even if you already have insulation in your roof, you may still be losing heat if it is not up to the level specified in the most recent Building Regulations. More about attic/roof insulation...


BER - Building Energy Rating Certificate

BER Certificate is compulsory for all owners offering their houses for sale or rent or by having HES insulation grants paid after insulation works are finished. Please refer to our BER knowledge page to know more about BER - Building Energy Ratings Certificate...

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About the company

Inglotherm is a registered contractor under the Better Energy Homes scheme which specialises in providing energy efficient insulation solutions, based on graphite enhanced polystyrene provided by Neotherm Ltd.. More about Inglotherm...

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