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Energy efficiency products and services for contractors and architects

If you are principal contractor or architect and interested in good, experienced and trustful workmanship for any insulation and heating upgrade jobs you could not find better place than this.

We have 4 year experience with external wall insulation in Ireland and our first external wall insulation projects are performing well with no maintenance issues or impact damage. We have professional skills in using of a variety of insulation materials including rock wool, polystyrene and wood-fibre, board depending on the wall build-up of the house.

Our company is fully insured for public / product liability with indemnity limit of €6,500,000 for all works carried under SEAI Better Energy Scheme with no claims to date. We have also high performance rates in SEAI Quality Assurance System and Disciplinary Procedure proving that all our works are constantly inspected and checked on the quality.

Our offer covers fitting, supply and fitting or supply only services provided as registered RCT subcontractor with 0% tax withholding.

Below are presented some of our references:

Architect references:

Principal contractor references:

Please also check our About our company page for more info.


For more information about our supply and fitting or fitting only services of internal or external insulation 
please contact our Dublin office number 01 685 3271 / mobile 086 067 5168 or use our contact page

If you are looking for supply only services of external insulation materials 
please contact our main supplier Greinplast External Wall Insulation Ltd. calling at (01) 403 0811 / 086 067 5168.

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